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Spitting up is a very common concern for parents, which makes sense since as many as 50-70% of babies spit up at least once a day. And even small amounts can look like a TON of milk.

As you can see in these photos and videos, 1 mL can spread over 5 inches! 5 mL can look like a puddle bigger than a credit card. (For reference, 5 mL is one TEASPOON!). And 20 mL creates a puddle over 8 inches long.

After about a month, babies will take on average 3-4 ounces at a feed, that’s 90-120 mL. That very large puddle at the bottom of the shirt? Thats 20 mL, so a large amount, but still, not an entire feeding. So even when it looks like their spit has to be an entire feeding, it very often is only a small percentage.

So when should YOU question if it’s “normal” or something to get checked out? Here are some warning signs to discuss with your health care provider and/or lactation consultant.

* Frequent spit up along with:
* frequent crying and irritability after feeds
* poor weight gain
* back arching/head turning
* feeding aversion
* Projectile vomitting/spit up
* Any sudden changes in color of the spit up
* Skin rashes, frothy stools, frequent diaper rashes

Keep in mind that true reflux will often have an underlying cause, which should be explored while supporting you nursing goals

Somethings you can do to help are

* Lying back and putting baby on top for feedings
* Sitting up for a short time after feedings
* Frequent burping
* Pacing any bottle feeds
* Feeding on demand, rather than a strict schedule. Which might mean more frequent but smaller feedings

Did your baby spit up?

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