Official announcement! I’ve been hinting ...

Official announcement!

I’ve been hinting at it for over a month now but it’s time to let the cat out of the bag! I’m expanding my reach in helping new families navigate infant feeding!

What am I offering? One on one help in your OWN HOME! On your own time! We can talk prenatally to get you prepared for baby. We can work postnatally if you’re struggling at home after baby is born. I’m also working on developing individualized classes and eventually bundles!

This work is completely separate from my position at the hospital. I love working with brand new moms and babies in the hospital, it is such an honor to be a part of that vulnerable new stage! But i know everything can change when you get home, and that’s when you many are left feeling alone and without help. I want to change that.

So what’s that look like? It looks like you texting, emailing, or calling for an appointment and being seen, IN YOUR OWN HOME, within just a few days. In urgent situations, we may even be able to arrange for next day visits, including weekends and possibly holidays.

I’ve done a lot of market research locally and country wide and I feel like I’ve come up with fair pricing system for those that need to pay out of pocket. I’m also incredibly excited to be partnered with The Lactation Network so that those with coverable insurance policies can have up to 3 visits paid entirely. And I have been educating myself so that I can prepare super bills, that might just get you insurance reimbursement if you do pay out of pocket.

Long story short, I can’t wait to see more families! If you’re local in Cincinnati and in need of help, check out my website, check your insurance, and reach out! Looking forward to serving my community!

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